Transform Your Health Radio Show – Jim Mills-Winkler

Welcome to the Dahi Wellness Transform Your Health Radio Show.

JMW_Photo_2012Jim Mills-Winkler is a financial consultant who specializes in helping people get “financially fit”.  In this interview, Jim shares his wisdom on all things financial, from the basics of understanding and creating a budget to long-term retirement planning.  Listen to this fascinating interview below.

Here is an outline of Jim’s “Financial Fitness” interview, to make it easy for you to follow along:

1. Back to basics

  • Understanding where the money goes (Click here for a FREE detailed cash flow worksheet that will help you with this)
  • Identify and list all mandatory and discretionary expenses
  • Account for all spending break it down to the details (be honest)

2. Establishing a budget

  • Now you know where the money goes set up a budget
  • Identify monthly versus annual expenses
  • Establish a monthly savings plan for annual expenses
  • Identify discretionary expenses you can live without

3. Create a balanced plan

  • Establish a plan to pay off credit card debt (take a year off from spending)
  • Establish an emergency fund

4. Planning for retirement

  • How money works
  • The rule of 72
  • Have a plan and stick to it


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