“Just want to thank Diane Dahi for helping me in so many ways through her Wellness program and Foundation Training. I was a mess when I first saw her-in pain every day and just accepted it was my reality due to car accidents and sports injuries. I think I was drinking alcohol almost daily due to the pain.
Since starting this program, I have gotten off all my medications, my chronic fatigue is gone, my pain in several areas of my body has been significantly reduced or is completely gone, including my migraines. What I like about the program is that she has taught me how to prevent and control the pain when it does come up. I’ve learned coping techniques that have helped me reduce stress and just basically be in control of my body and life by using natural remedies such as essential oils, super foods and exercise.
I’ve been to many doctors and had many tests done and never got anywhere with any of my symptoms and it’s amazing how quickly Diane got me to this point. I just tackled one thing at a time so it hasn’t been overwhelming. I’m learning how to put me first on the list and I have so much more energy now for everyone else. I highly recommend Diane to everyone who is feeling there is just no time to take care of yourself. That is what I thought at first, but I actually have more time for things with this new lifestyle.”
  • Deb J, Long Beach CA