Wellness Home Parties

Wellness-Home-Parties-croppedGirl Time!

How would you like a fun night with a group of friends, while experiencing aromatic essential oils, sampling tasty smoothies and also learning about how to live a happier and healthier lifestyle?

If this sounds like fun, then a Wellness Home Party is for you!

Each home party is tailored to the specific interests of the hostess.  You can choose to:

  • Learn about Everyday Essential Oils — how to use them, and the incredible health benefits they offer!
  • Get “Zyto Scanned!”  This revolutionary, non-invasive hand scan (pictured above) tests your body for over 600 different markers of health.  Not only will you learn about your current state of health, but you will also learn what nutrients/oils your body needs most, and what you can do without. For more information on this technology, visit www.zyto.com (additional charge may apply)
  • Experience the “Aroma Dome”!  This is a brand new type of essential oil experience.  Curious?  Call for details.
  • Learn the powerful oil anointing techniques that help to reduce stress, improve mental clarity, provide direction and focus and even clear emotional blocks
  • Learn how to super charge your energy levels and your overall health with delicious Superfood Smoothies
  • Learn how body work can help you not only to feel better, but can actually deal with the underlying issues that cause many of your health problems

So get some friends and family together, and call Diane at 562-472-3789 to schedule your Wellness Home Party today!