Wellness Lifestyle

Wellness Lifestyle Program

Do you believe drugs are not the answer to your health issues?

Is your body telling you that there has to be a better way?
Do you want to be active but are too tired to move?
Do you know what to do, yet just don’t do it?


  • Incorporating healthy habits, naturally, into your everyday schedule.
  • Having the ability to sit or stand for as long as you want without discomfort.
  • Getting a full uninterrupted night of sleep
  • Having the energy throughout the day to keep up with your work and family
  • Living that active lifestyle that makes you happy and feels hopeful about the future
  • Being able to decrease the amount of medication you take with your doctor’s permission

Our “Wellness Lifestyle” provides you with an interactive wellness program to help you improve your overall health. It will give you a thorough starting point customized to your personal history. Instructed on self-help techniques to help you stay on track with your healthy lifestyle.

Your Wellness Program Includes:

  • Interactive lessons on techniques to alleviate your own stress
  • Assessment checklist to be clear about where you are and how far you have come in the program
  • Two sources of Support: your Health Coach and your Doctor
  • Resources for continued guidance
  • 6 hours of class offered online or in person
  • Shepard’s Crook; a tool used to relax muscles and improve mobility
  • New classes start every month for your convenience

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