Mission Statement

We Believe…

…In doing the work to uncover where your issues originated in order to fully understand what’s going on with your body.
We’re passionate about going all the way back to the beginning to find the source of the issue rather than just addressing your symptoms. We want you to be armed with the valuable knowledge that will help you keep your body healthy for the rest of your life.

…That in order to be balanced, it is necessary to be open to the possibility of a bright, healthy future.
When you can visualize a life of wellness, you can create it. A major part of our work involves cultivating a “healthy mindset,” because we know that your thoughts create your reality. To feel truly well, you must have the right attitude and action, in that order.

…That perfect health is about more than just taking care of your physical body.
Everything is interconnected: when you nurture your mind, spirit, relationships, finances and community, your physical body will thrive. We encourage our patients to bring balance and love to every part of their lives so they can enjoy health in every area.

Dahi Wellness is a holistic health center dedicated to teaching people
how to release mental and physical blocks that keep them from feeling well.
We use natural methods to guide our patients toward a more happy and healthy life.

We specialize in Bonnie Prudden’s Myotherapy, EFT, Foundation Training and essential oil consultations.

Dahi Wellness. Be Well.