Foundation Training Program


Foundation Training is a safe and effective exercise program created to help you change the movement patterns that are hurting you. These simple and transformative exercises are designed to naturally support healthy back and core function. Relief begins immediately, no equipment needed!


Pain is scary. The Foundation Training program can take you from fear to confidence quickly.


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Hear what other people have to say about Foundation Training and founder Dr. Eric Goodman:



Derek Fisher, Professional Basketball Player

Derek-FisherI search for the best of the best when it comes to my fitness and conditioning. I have always been in great shape and take pride in maintaining a certain level of fitness, but in the time I have been working with Peter Park and Eric Goodman, I have reached a new level of endurance, stamina, and strength. The program pushes me without exhausting me, conditions me, and has completely changed the way my body moves and feels.




Rob Lowe, Actor

Rob-LoweLet me tell you that these guys have created something serious. Until you do the work, it is hard to understand how strong you can become through body-weight training. Not only am I in the best shape of my life, but my body moves and feels completely different. I feel stronger in everything I do.




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