Diane Dahi

I believe that when we listen to our bodies, we will naturally be guided to greater health.

My journey to great health has been a long road, fraught with difficulties and setbacks. However, over the years I have found a great freedom in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, and now I am dedicated to sharing this with you so that you can experience the same freedom that I experience everyday.

I spent my whole life intuitively asking questions like, “How did this begin? What did it look like before all the pieces came together?” Believe me, it drives my husband mad! However, when I started my practice in 1987, these kinds of questions became pillars of my daily thinking. You see, the only way to truly resolve a physical issue is to fully understand how it began. Otherwise, you’re just putting a band aid on issues that may come back if you don’t know what needs to change in your lifestyle.

I’ve had over 25 years of experience working on people’s bodies, and I see a clear pattern: the people who believe they will find balance actually get well faster. When my clients are willing to imagine a future free of physical problems, they are actually more likely to create it for themselves.

Do you want to create a wellness lifestyle for yourself?

Building a life of wellness is a holistic process: it’s about nurturing every aspect of life, including relationships. Your mind, spirit, family, finances and community all play a significant role in how you feel every day.

Take my hand, and let’s begin this journey together.

Diane Dahi

  • B.A., CalState Long Beach
  • Bonnie Prudden School of Myotherapy and Exercise Therapy
  • Western Institution for Neuromuscular Therapy
  • B.A., “Physical Education”
  • Certified Foundation Trainer
  • Certificate for EFT Levels I & II
  • Wellness Consultant
  • US Army
  • Mother of two